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Adoption FAQ

Adoption Guidelines

Q: What is your adoption policy?

A: We are a best match facility. We are seeking forever homes from a pool of approved applications. Our goal is to match the individual pet to where we feel they would be most successful. If you have an approved application, the adoption team will notify you if you have been chosen as a best match. If you have not been contacted within 3 to 4 business days from the date of applying, your application was most likely not matched. Your approved application will remain active for 10 days. If there is another pet that interests you during this time, please contact the adoption department.


Q: How old do I have to be to adopt an animal?

A: 21 years of age to adopt an animal unless it is a bully breed then you must be 25 years old.


Q: I don't see the animal I want right now can I leave a filled out application?

A: No. Applications must have an animal listed that you are interested in adopting.


Q: How long does the shelter keep applications on file?

A: We only keep applications on file for ten days.


Q: What if I can't decide which animal I want?

A: Before an application will be accepted by adoption staff you need to put your final choice on the application. Selecting multiple animals that you can not decide from may cause an animal to miss out on the chance to be adopted.


Q: Does everyone in the household need to meet the animal before it is adopted?

A: Yes. Everyone including children need to be listed on the application and meet the animal.


Q: When can I bring my dog in to meet the dog I want to adopt?

A: An appointment for the dogs to meet is made by the Adoption Coordinator after the application has been approved.


Q: Can I bring my cats in to meet other cats or dogs or bring my dog to meet a cat I want to adopt?

A: No. Bringing cats into the shelter is very stressful as is bringing a dog to meet a cat. The adoption team will give you information and guidance as to how to introduce your pets at the time of adoption.


Q: Why does it take 3-4 days to process an application?

A: We review applications in the order that they are received and need to do background checks on each adult, contact landlords, veterinarians and other shelters if an applicant is not from our service area. Our goal is to process applications as quickly as possible, but depending on the number we receive could take a couple of days.


Q: How do I know if my application has been approved?

A: The adoption team will contact you and let you know that you have been approved and set up an appointment for you to come in and review the paperwork and take your animal home.


Q: Will you hold an animal for me?

A: No. We will not hold animals. If you have an approved application you have seven days to schedule a pick up time otherwise we will continue to take applications on the animal.


Q: What if I don't hear back after a few days?

A: You can call the adoption team at 715-344-6012 ext. 308 for status on your application.