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HSPC Foster Program Overview

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has not had any impact on our foster program. 
  • There have been many new foster applications, and it is taking some time to process them.
  • The email sent by the foster application until recently has been incorrect.  There is no class for fosters. There is a class to volunteer at the shelter and this was the email you may have received.
    • The majority of our foster activities involve cats, mother cats with kittens or kittens without mothers.
    • Occasionally we have puppies that need fostering (less than once a year).
    • Volunteers apply to be foster parents.  This is accomplished by completing an application on our web site
    • Each foster application is reviewed.
    • Accepted applications get an additional email indicating they have been set up in our foster system.
  • When an animal or set of animals needs a foster, the foster locater process is invoked.
    • The goal of the foster locater process is to get animals into foster homes as quickly and efficiently as possible.  Instead of calling potential foster homes one at a time, the Adoption Coordinator sends an email to all of the active fosters with details of what needs to be fostered, how long the animals will need fostering, and if the animal(s) is on any medication.
    • The email invites fosters to respond.
    • The first foster to respond is the winner!
    • The adoption coordinator then sends another email out to all fosters letting them know that a foster has come forward.
    • The adoption coordinator arranges a time for the foster to pick up the animal(s).
    • In addition to the animals the foster will get a foster tote containing the essential fostering tools.  The foster will also get a supply of food and kitty litter.
    • The foster gets a copy of the animal(s) information card with its picture, name, and ID number.
    • The medical team will make arrangements for medical appointments and will answer foster questions.


Last updated August 14, 2020