HSPC is working on additional changes as we monitor information and participate with local leaders.  Some of the changes expected to be implemented soon include:

  • Changing outdoor signage. - completed
  • Installing plexi-glass barriers at the front desk. - completed
  • As weather allows, holding more of our animal exchange activities outdoors.  Surrenders, reclaims, stray animal drop offs, meet and greets for dogs and other activities as appropriate will take place outside, still by appointment only. - completed
  • HSPC is investigating some changes that may be used if we begin to open up or if we need to increase protection levels.  These include:
  • Using a non-contact thermometer to test human body temperatures of staff and guests at the shelter. - Thermometers have been acquired
  • Using an area at the front door to restrict or control access.
  • Requiring everyone to wear a face mask. - completed
  • Using gates to limit access inside the building.
  • Limiting the number of children who accompany an adult.
  • Allowing limited numbers of volunteers using the Volgistics scheduling software. - completed
  • HSPC expects to make additional changes in reaction to new information and directives from the government.  It is impossible to predict what the changes may be or when they may be made.  When significant changes are made, we will communicate the changes to the groups that are affected.

Last updated August 14, 2020