Lead Cat Volunteer Guidelines


Lead Cat volunteer hours are a scheduled shift from 11am until 2pm Monday through Friday.

*At this time, we will only be allowing one lead cat volunteer per day


Lead Cat Volunteers will be able to:

  • Help with socializing kittens that need extra help; picking up, handling, touching feet, touching ears and accepting pets
  • Work with “Work in Progress” cats that are located in the Pink Panther Room to adjust to people using high value wet food or special treats
  • Get cats out of their cages to stretch and explore
  • Interact with cats using want toys, laser pointers, or automated toys
  • Record cat personality traits in the volunteer binder; quirks, treat preference, toy preference, updates or progress in behavior
  • Take pictures/videos of cats while having fun outside of their cage to help promote them on Facebook
  • Do Meet Your Match profiles for cats
  • Change towels or blankets in cages if soiled or wet; if laundry bin gets half full or more, it should be taken to the Laundry Room and an empty one should be put back into Cat Circle
  • Change pellets in litter boxes if extremely soiled; if litter boxes are too dirty to reuse, they need to be washed and sanitized in the Critter Kitchen

**Behavior and Enrichment Coordinator and staff will take care of Cage Card Sleeve Colors, moving/relocating cats to different cages, as well as any notes on kennels for behavior or enrichment purposes.**


Last updated August 14, 2020