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Prepare for a Disaster

Disaster Preparedness for Pets

First and Foremost :  If you evacuate, take your pets!   Once you leave, you have no way of knowing how long you may be kept out of the area.

All pets should have current I D ! Tags or better yet micro chip

Have carriers ready and with pet’s current  information attached. Have current photos and description of pets in case of separation Have harnesses, collars and leashes ready

Have pet’s disaster kit ready: a 3 day supply of  food, water, bowl, medications, copy of medical records, first aid kit, litter & box.

Find a safe place ahead of time:  contact hotels out of your area and check on pet policies keep this info handy.  Check with family or friends to stay with along with your pets.

Incase you are not home make arrangements well in advance with a trusted neighbor to take care of pets, or if you know an impending storm is coming put your pets in their ‘safe’ place.

As disaster approaches keep pets inside and in a room where you can grab them and emergency supplies fast.  I already have carriers & supplies in my basement.  When I here a tornado ‘watch’ then all pets go in the basement. There may not be time to gather them when you here the ‘warning sirens’ go off.

Disaster Pet Supplies

  • Medical Records & important papers
  • Picture of you and your pet together
  • All medications & Veterinarian contact info
  • Keep all paper records & medications in plastic bags
  • Food --- at least three days worth
  • Water --- at least three days worth
  • Back up collar and leash (Harness’ are better)
  • Familiar toys and treats
  • Litter box & litter for cats & ferimone spray
  • Crates that are labeled