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Humane Education Programs

We rely on schools and other children's groups to help us acheive our mission to prevent cruelty, abuse, neglect and overpopulation of companion animals. Humane education teaches people of all ages respect for living things, including themselves. Children taught to extend justice, kindness and mercy to animals become more just, kind and considerate themselves.

The Humane Society of Portage County offers educational programming to elementary schools and other elementary-age children's groups. Our most popular program is as follows:

Animal Care & Bite Prevention - Grades K-6
This interactive program features information on basic animal care, both physical and emotional, which focuses on respectful treatment of companion animals. Children will learn the importance of being a responsible and committed pet owner and what pets need to be happy and healthy through discussion of practical care, behavior, senses, feelings, and communication.

The bite prevention component  focuses on safe, considerate behavior  toward animals. Issues such as why and when animals bite, how to avoid these situations, and what to do if a situation which involves the possibility of a bite occurs are all addressed. Proper handling of companion animals is also discussed.

This program runs approximately 50 minutes and can be tailored to meet individual group needs. Humane educators will typically, if allowed, bring an animal to the event.

The Animal Care and Bite Prevention program can be held at the school or group meeting facility if requested. The program can also be hosted at the shelter facility, depending upon group size. If the shelter facility is used, groups will have the opportunity to tour the shelter.

How the Humane Society Serves The Community - Grades K-Adult 
We are pleased to also offer a presentation about your Humane Society and the programs and services it provides throughout the community, including animal control, volunteer opportunities, shelter services, adoption programs, and pet population statistics. The presentation can be tailored to meet the needs and time constraints of any group, large or small.