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How to become a HSPC Foster

foster care giver

Our foster selection criteria is designed to ensure the safety and well being of the foster animals.

You are a good candidate if:

  • You have a separate area for foster animals
  • You have a stable living environment (no history of evictions)
  • You will not leave fosters unattended for more than 10 hours a day
  • Your own pets have a history of veterinary care including spay and neuter and are current on their vaccinations
  • You and your household members have no history of abusive behavior
  • You are not currently involved in any legal proceedings which might interrupt your ability to care for fosters

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Animals come into the shelter for various reasons, some are ready to be adopted while others may be too young, have health concerns or just aren’t adapting well to the shelter environment.  We rely on our foster families to care for these animals until they are ready to be made available for adoption. The foster program is not intended as a trial period for a potential adoption.

Please contact our Adoption Coordinator
by phone at  715-344-6012
by email  at  adoption@hspcwi.org

Application Process:

  • Background check

  • Vaccinations for current animals verified with veterinarian

If your application is approved we hold it and contact you when an animal is in need of a foster home.


Foster Caregiver Application

Feline Behavior Foster Report

Foster Information Chart

Feline Foster Manual