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What to do if you found a pet

If at any time you feel this dog or cat is a threat to you or a matter of public safety,
please call the Portage County Sheriff’s at 715-346-1400.

The following municipalities provide their own services for stray or nuisance dogs or cats.
Here are their contact numbers.

The Village of Junction City  Peter Mallek 715-457-2353
The Township of Buena Vista Paul Cieslewicz 715-498-6651
The Village of Nelsonville  Gale Gordon 715-824-2811

For all other Portage county residents, Call 715 344-6012 during HSPC business hours;
Call 715-346-1400 when HSPC is closed.  This is the Portage County Sheriff’s Department and they will help you contact Animal Control.


If you have found a pet you can:

Upon contacting the shelter we will ask that you bring the animal in so we can:

  • Scan it for a microchip
  • Start Vaccines
  • Fill out stray paperwork, adoption application and Foster waiver. 

The animal control hours of operation are 24 hours 7 days a week.

After Hours and Statutory Holidays:
Please call the Portage County Sheriff’s Department: 715-346-1400

Click here for directions to the Shelter

Lost and found reports may be placed anytime by anyone on our website - on this page you will be able to see all the lost animal reports filed by members of the public.


Lost & Found Animals:

View the Lost and Found Animals

All stray dogs or cats brought to the shelter, or picked up by our Animal Control Officers regardless of their condition are entered into our database and posted on our website.

If you have found a pet and are prepared to care for it there are a few things you should know:

If you find an animal and in good faith keep the animal until the owner comes forward, you must contact HSPC to report finding the animal, and or place the information on the Lost and Found website.

However if the rightful owner ever comes forward they could compel you to relinquish the pet, assuming it could be proven they are the rightful owners.

Remember as the owners or possessors of any animal you are responsible for it. This means you can be held liable if it damages persons or property, and found negligent if you fail to provide proper care, including veterinary attention when required.


Portage County Animal Ordinance:

4.9.12 Animals and Poultry not to run at Large
No person owning any animal or fowl shall allow the same to run at large within the County

  • The owner or keeper shall be liable for all damages done by such animal while so at large, although he escapes without the fault of such owner or keeper; and the construction of any fence shall not relieve such owner or keeper from liability.
  • While you may be able to recover expenses from an owner if one ever comes forward, there are no legal protections for this. Most animal control agencies (including this one) can only provide care for animals in their possession.
  • Once you decide to keep the pet and you are satisfied that no one is looking for it you should have the animal spayed or neutered and the law requires that you license the pet with your municipality and bring it to a veterinarian for a rabies vaccination.