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What to do if you lost a pet

It is your responsibility to search for your missing pet

Uncontrolled, and stray animals may:

  • attack people and other animals,
  • spread or acquire diseases such as rabies and distemper,
  • become injured,
  • damage or destroy property; and
  • contribute to motor vehicle collisions

4.9.12 Animals and Poultry not to run at Large
No person owning any animal or fowl shall allow the same to run at large within the County
The owner or keeper shall be liable for all damages done by such animal while so at large, although he escapes without the fault of such owner or keeper; and the construction of any fence shall not relieve such owner or keeper from liability.

Click here to place a lost or found animal report!

Once you have searched the Lost & Found animals on the website and added your Lost Pet Report on this website you can also:

  • Add your lost dog to Lost Dogs of Wisconsin
    or add your lost cat to Lost Cats of Wisconsin.
  • Create Lost Posters and post them with permission in area stores, vet clinics and schools
  • Check the local newspapers, on social media and online classifieds for lost or found animal ads
  • Post a lost animal ad in the local newspapers, on social media and online classifieds

The Humane Society of Portage County will;

  • Log all stray dogs or cats brought to the shelter, or picked up by our Animal Control Officers regardless of their condition and post reports on this site as soon as possible
  • Scan & check all stray animals (alive or deceased) for a microchip, tattoo and/or identification tag. Should identification be found on the animal, Animal Control Officers will follow-up and contact the registered owner.
  • Make every effort to contact you if your pet is found and has a microchip and/or a license,
  • Help you file a Lost Report on our website or file a report for you if you are unable to do so.

When in doubt call: 715-344-6012


Click here to learn about claiming your lost pet from the shelter.

Licensing and having a microchip for your dog or cat is the most effective way to ensure you get your pet back in a timely manner. Licensing your pet is also required by law in most jurisdictions and failing to do so could result in a fine of up to $169