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Rheanna Lynn Photography

Rheanna has graciously donated her time to take beautiful images of our shelter animals to show their true spirit and personality. This has helped us place more animals in great homes. She is also a wedding and portrait photographer.

"Capturing a couples wedding day is so much more than showing up to take pictures.  It's about learning your story, seeing your love through the lens, and uniquely documenting your day from beginning to end. Understanding the significance of your day while recording the uniqueness of your love through imagery is just one of my responsibilities as the photographer. So much careful thought and planning has gone into this single day as a representation and reflection of your love and style- down to every little detail; documenting this should be done with just as much special thought and attention to every element. The photography should mirror, embody, and embrace this philosophy." - Rheanna Lynn

View her galleries at RheannaLynn.com