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Summer Pet Saftey

NEVER leave you pet in a car with the windows closed.

If you’re going to a picnic grounds check first if pets are allowed.

Always keep your pet far away from the grill.  Grease may fall on the ground and your dog will want to eat anything that smells good.

I would keep my dog on a leash and always have someone in charge of the dog especially when you are all sitting at the table. (slip leash around your ankle)

When you are eating make sure no one gives her table food especially bones which can perforate dog intestines.

Another summer food dogs should NOT have are corn cobs. The pieces break up and can cause major stomach and intestine obstructions.

NO alcohol should be given to your dog!

Always have plenty of cool fresh water for your dog and keep them in the shade.

Always bring “poopy” bags and clean up after doggy and yourself!