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Tick Time & Lyme Disease

Well the snow is gone, warm weather is here, along with that we should start considering the coming of Ticks and Fleas for our pet’s health………

Q.  What should we start doing?

A.  Now is the perfect time for your pet’s yearly Vet checkup. Have your pet checked for heart worms, and Lyme’s.  Make sure you get flea/tick medicine(show box) and Heartworm pills

When a tick hops onto your dog or cat, it’s dinner time for this nasty parasite. The tick will bury its mouth in your pet’s skin and can swell to 50 times its normal size! A lot less cats are affected as cats are always cleaning themselves.

Make your lawn unwelcoming by mowing regularly.  You can also spray your area with a preventative.

Before going for walks into the woods arm your dog with an insecticide.

When your pet comes inside start checking your dog very slowly as the ticks are hard to find.  Pay special attention to ears, skull, feet—between the toes and around the anus.

 If you do find a tick remove it right away. First wipe the area with alcohol. Grasp the tick with tweezers and with a rotating action gently pull the mouth from your pet’s skin. Avoid using your fingers. It’s very important to remove the whole Tick as any remains could lead to infection. Put the tick in a small bottle of alcohol to kill it.

Vacuum your house often to help keep fleas at bay

Obviously, ticks are harder to find on dark haired pets. This is why good inspection is very important.

ALWAYS—check your own body and clothing. Lyme disease is a silent infection. 

Signs of infection:

  • Fever, flu symptoms
  • Swollen joints
  • Lameness
  • Anorexia
  • “not herself”
  • Kidney failure

Tick Pesticides

Q. What should we be looking for when choosing a pesticide?

A.  There are so many choices for sale now let’s go thru some of the types I brought.

Right off the bat – I think the pesticide collar has/is gone by the wayside do to so many medical problems

If they get pierced and wet too much chemical has gotten absorbed into a pet’s skin resulting in a bad reaction.  Dogs or cats have chewed on them again resulting a bad medical reaction.

Get the right product for your dog!  Each box will be labeled for the correct weight of your dog.

If your dog is in the water a lot there are also products that specify waterproof

You get what you pay for. Read the ingredients carefully some cheaper products don’t have the same strength of chemical than top brands do.

Make no mistake this is a chemical. Dogs on medication, puppies, elderly or sick dogs should not have this applied. (This is stated on the box)

Under NO circumstances should you use these products on cats.  This could be extremely serious. There are products only for cats such as these. And this should only be applied if your cat goes outside.

Bottom line always comb and check your pet’s coat when they come inside.  Always check with your pet’s Veterinarian if you have any doubts or concerns. They are your pet’s best ally.